High Quality Custom Drives

Cleveland Gear designs high quality custom enclosed drives and dimensional replacement gear drives for a wide variety of industrial applications. Leveraging our comprehensive design capabilities and decades of experience, we have produced drives with the following features:

- Single and multiple speed drives in single to quadruple reductions
- Helical, bevel, spur, planetary or worm gear designs
- From 10 to 10,000 horsepower
- Up to 7.5 Million inch pounds of output torque
- Through hardened or case hardened and ground helical gearing rated to AGMA 6013-A06
- Dimensional replacements for existing drives - Horizontal or vertically offset designs



We have designed and produced custom gear drives for industries as varied as:
- Steel production and processing
- Rubber production
- Mineral processing
- Movable bridges
- Material handling
- Overhead cranes



Cleveland Gear Custom Enclosed Drives feature:

Anti-friction rolling element bearings selected to provide specified L-10 life and accept an application’s external loads

Heavy duty fabricated steel housing with internal bearing support pedestals where necessary

Lubrication systems: internal splash lubrication or shaft/motor driven pump systems; air/oil or water/oil heat exchangers where required; oil filters; teleflow indicators; sight feed oilers when specified



Our Dimensionally Interchangeable Replacement Drives feature:

Designs to meet all critical mounting dimensions of existing drives

Redesigned gearing to provide additional power transmission capability

Revised gear ratios to accommodate new process requirements

Redesigned bearing arrangements to provide equal or higher life expectancy at the higher power ratings and speeds