• ENCLOSED DRIVES / Larger Core Enclosed Drives / AF & RF Series

Specially Designed Fan in Either Direction of Rotation
  • Fan Cooling — Fan size and design permit a smooth, effective flow of air beneath, above, and around all sides of the reducer.
  • Rugged Finned Housings — Housings of higher quality cast iron are ribbed for maximum strength and heat dissipation.
  • Increased Oil Capacity — A built-in lubrication system decreases oxidation rate and increases lubricant life.
  • Centrifugally Cast Bronze Gears — Ensure increased resistance to wear and fatigue pitting.
  • Flamatic-Hardened Worms — Maximum thread stregth and resistance to wear.
  • Large Gear Shaft Diameters — Withstand torsional and overhung loads.
  • Generously Size Bearings — Provide greater rigidity to accommodate radial, thrust, and overhung loads

      Single Worm Reducers

  • 3 inch to 12 inch Center Distances.
  • Ratios from 3-1/9:1 to 95:1
  • Up to 170 input horsepower.

      Helical Worm

4 inch to 12 inch Center Distances.
Ratios from 32:1 to 394:1.
Up to 60 input horsepower.
Output torque up to 145,000 in-lb.

Double Worm

  • Ratios from 25:1 to 6650:1.
  • Output Torque up to 145,000.
  • Center distancecombinations 3″ to 6″ primary reducer and 3″ to 12″ secondary reduce.
..3″ to 12″ C.D. Worm Gear Drives

Available Models

AF – Worm Under Configuration
RF – Worm Over Configuration
UF – Veritcally Up Output Shaft Configuration
DF – Vertically Down Output Shaft Configuration

Helical Worm:

HAF – Standard Worm Under Horizontal Output Shaft Configuration
HUF – Vertically Up Output Shaft Configuration
HDF – Vertically Down Output Shaft Configuration

Double Worm:

RFA – Standard Double Worm Horizontal Output Shaft Configuration
RFU – Vertically Up Output Shaft Configuration
RFD – Vertically Down Output Shaft Configuration.

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