• ENCLOSED DRIVES / Helical Enclosed Drives / Parallel Shaft Drives

High Quality Custom Drives
  • Single and multiple speed drives in single to quadruple reductions
  • Helical, bevel, spur, planetary or worm gear designs
  • From 10 to 10,000 horsepower
  • Up to 4.5 Million inch pounds of output torque
  • Through hardened or case hardened and ground helical gearing rated to AGMA 6013-A06
  • Dimensional replacements for existing drives – Horizontal or vertically offset designs
Serving the Following Industries and More:
  • Steel production and processing
  • Rubber production
  • Mineral processing
  • Movable bridges
  • Material handling
  • Overhead cranes

Enclosed Drives Feature:

  • Anti-friction rolling element bearings selected to provide specified L-10 life and accept an application’s external loads.
  • Heavy duty fabricated steel housing with internal bearing support pedestals where necessary.
  • Lubrication systems: internal splash lubrication or shaft/motor driven pump systems; air/oil or water/oil heat exchangers where required; oil filters; teleflow indicators; sight feed oilers when specified.

Our Dimensionally Interchangeable Replacement Drives feature:

  • Designs to meet all critical mounting dimensions of existing drives.
  • Redesigned gearing to provide additional power transmission capability.
  • Revised gear ratios to accommodate new process requirements.
  • Redesigned bearing arrangements to provide equal or higher life expectancy at the higher power ratings and speeds.
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