Cleveland Gear Refurbishments – As Good as the Original 

The reliability of our enclosed drives often results in 40 to 50 years of uninterrupted service. When a drive finally requires refurbishment or replacement, many of our customers prefer to refurbish these drives rather than replace them.  Cleveland Gear’s historical database provides us with the information necessary to know what parts were used in the original drive.   We can ensure that the replacement parts are produced to the original design specifications.  Our “Master Worm System” and extensive hob inventory enable us to manufacture a worm and gearset “as initially produced” for your originally installed gear drive.  You get a “same as new” gear drive for 20 to 30 percent less cost than an equivalent replacement.  To accommodate your schedule and needs, we offer both in the field and in the factory refurbishments.

Gear Drive Refurbishments

In addition to refurbishing Cleveland Gear Drives, we offer refurbishment of all types of gear drives that were originally produced by other manufacturers.  These refurbishments include a complete disassembly of the drive, extensive inspection of the existing components, a report of the work required for refurbishment, reverse engineering where necessary for replacement, production, or procurement of the required components and reassembly to the original configuration.

It may also be possible to upgrade the design and components to meet new operating conditions while maintaining the existing drive’s outline dimensions.

Field Service Inspection and Assembly Assistance

Cleveland Gear also has a comprehensive family of Service Programs that can be tailored to your requirements.  Ask us about what’s included in our field inspection, preventative maintenance, repair/replacement, and general service programs.

Cleveland Gear’s Process for Drive Refurbishment Service includes:

  • Complete disassembly, cleaning, and inspection to identify damaged and reusable components.
  • Presentation of refurbishment proposal for acceptance and approval to proceed with the work.
  • Verification of dimensions, drawing preparation, and production or procurement of components.
  • Reassembly, no load spin test to check for unusual noises or vibrations and repainting.

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